Arkansas Online Lottery Keno

Bishop Woosley is the Director of the Arkansas Lottery Commission tried to correct their stability financially and because of this the lottery agency may be a big issue on the race for governor in the state in 2014. While it is still early there was some testy moments for the political sensibilities in the state. One of them showed up when Sen. (and former Circuit Judge) David Burnett had an issue with the committee statements about the future of Internet gaming like Keno. Basically, Burnett gave the warning that as he understood the law did not make it legal for broad forms of gambling even though it was online.

There were others that were present at the committee meeting that were sensitive to the games without having the support of the public. Sen. Stephanie Flowers added the questionable aspect that maybe the electronic games, which were presumed to be mainly in drinking establishments, may take advantage of the poorer people who would play them. This fact is not in doubt. However, a day later those electronic games were added by the Lottery Commissioners. This happened even though the day before there were the Legislative Committee objections, which was seen as a sort of slap in the face.

Shane Broadway, who is the State Department of Higher Education, stated that there would be a lottery scholarship reserve set up to the tune of $20 million when the lottery does not pay the scholarship amounts of them given because of lack of funds. This has a familiar ring to it when talking about Arkansas online lottery Keno that was already in place when Arkansas voted back in 2009 for lottery games. The first lottery tickets were sold to the public in late September of 2009. Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue from South Carolina helped their fellow southern state in setting up the lottery for Arkansas. The Arkansas online lottery keno was expected to generate around $100 million for college scholarships.