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Playing Poker Legally in Arkansas

The current laws surrounding online casinos and gambling in Arkansas are quite strict. Current laws in the state are as follows: Section 5-66-106. Even though Arkansas laws are quite strict when it comes to online gambling, you can always use a VPN to circumvent the current situation and play freely. Use no deposit bonus deals from various casinos located outside the States and play your favorite games without having to worry about legal repercussions.

Gaming devices - Betting

"(a) It is unlawful for any person to bet any money or other valuable thing or any representative of anything that is esteemed of value on any game prohibited by ß 5-66-104."

If someone is found guilty of breaking these gambling laws, then they will be fined anywhere between $10-$25.

The state has recently prosecuted a number of players for playing poker in the state. Punishment for such acts is usually given to the host of the game and is considered a serious offence. A person charged with hosting a poker room may face up to 6 years.

While the gambling laws in the state are strict when it comes to online casinos, there are still a few options for people looking to play casino games in the state legally. To avoid this type of disaster, get help from an expert, and see how to play free poker in the most legal way. Unveil here the biggest casino secrets called no deposit bonuses and see how to use them for playing free poker.

Questions About Online Arkansas Poker

Poke enthusiasts living in the state often wonder whether they can legally play poker within their state and have a plethora of questions. It is always a good strategy to find out all that you can before making any decisions especially when the issue in concern may be against the law.

Is Online Gambling Legal in the State?

Currently there are no laws regulating gambling and casino games online in the state. This step however is more due to outdated regulations rather than an acceptance of online casino gaming. The current laws of in-house or land casino games can also be applied to their online counterparts.

Another view is that since there are no laws governing online game play, it can be legally pursued as long as you meet the legal age requirements ass set by the state.

Gambling With Real money

It is safe to gamble with money in the state without fear of reprimand. The only problem is that since there are no laws regulating online gambling, it is important to be extra careful when providing your personal and financial information over the internet. Luckily, there are many trusted sites that players can visit for a safe and secure online gambling experience. Especially a vegas casino themed site to get your heart pumping with excitement, just the same as if you were there in person! Jackpots are the same, the colorful graphics you find at land based casinos are nothing compared to those online, and you can gamble in your pjs with no need to worry about what you look like!

Will I Go To Jail?

The fines and jail time as stated above are for land based casinos and are not translated into the virtual world. Since there are no written laws regarding online poker in the state, you cannot be held responsible under the act.

The argument behind this is that the serves which regulate the game are located outside of the state and are therefore not bound by the laws of that state.

USA's sister country Canada, has a few laws of their own that target land based casinos, with some being developed for the online gambling world as well. Play without worry looking for a no deposit casino Canada here as the team at Grizzly will only point you in the direction of reputable and legal sites.